Try this oil for healthy hair

Try this oil for healthy hair

Nikki Gray


olive oil

Since I've been in Europe I've been asking French women their beauty tips, they all seem to be so happy and take care of themselves and more importantly have a good, positive attitude about life. They rave about olive oil for a hair treatment. Yes, I've heard of using it this way but I was never intrigued until I saw these French ladies hair. Beautiful. Another great thing about this treatment is it's cheap and easily accessible. You can get it at an grocery store, that's if it's not already in your kitchen. The truth is, all natural olive oil works better as a reparative hair conditioner than most expensive creams and fancy treatments(usually full of chemicals). An all natural, inexpensive way to get healthy hair; magnifique!!!

WHY is it so beneficial for your hair?

It promotes a healthy scalp and it can prevent and treat dandruff. Olive oil naturally moisturizes a dry, flakey scalp.

Olive oil softens hair and saturates it with moisture. I have coarse, naturally curly hair. Weekly treatments can soften hair for those also blessed with coarse tresses;)

It adds major shine to dull hair. 

You can also use it just on the end of your hair as a way to smooth down and help repair split ends.

Makes hair easier to manage.

Olive oil can actually stop hair loss for men and women. DTH is a hormone that causes the hair follicle shaft to narrow, olive oil prevents this.

HOw to

Hot oil treatment- Some believe heating it up beforehand is the most beneficial. You can heat up however you like, microwave if it's easiest for you. Get it warm but not hot(half cup; 30 seconds in microwave). Start by massaging the oil into the scalp, once the scalp is completely covered go all the way to your ends with a comb covered in olive oil or your hands. Wrap hair in a towel or put a shower cap on and leave for a half hour or an hour. Shampoo and rinse with cold water. You will not need any other conditioner after the treatment until the next wash. Once a week is ideal for those with dry hair.

For dandruff- Massage into scalp as much as needed until the problem goes away and once or twice a week thereafter to maintain.

Scalp massage- An olive oil scalp massage can increase blood circulation to the area thus promoting hair growth.

Taken orally- Olive oil helps improve digestion, makes your teeth and hair stronger and can even make your skin clearer. Moisturizes skin from the inside out and makes hair more hydrated and shiny. Implementing olive oil into your diet has numerous benefits. 

Shine, hydration aid and hair protectant- Many women use olive oil in their hair at the ends very lightly or even all over. There is a brand, that is pure olive oil and a great, organic, shine spray and hydrator simply called "Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray" and it's in a green spray can. 

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