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I was going to write a different article today but I got an email from a gorgeous girl suffering from psoriasis who said the creams her dermatologist prescribed are not working and asked for some holistic and nutritional remedies..



Studies show a vitamin D deficiency can be linked to psoriasis. Vitamin D is important for many things in the body. Some signs you may be low on vitamin D are weight gain, depression, fatigue, you have limited sun exposure and also if you are a strict vegetarian you may be low on D since it limits your D sources because dairy products are high in vitamin D also eggs and salmon. That doesn't mean it's bad to be a vegetarian, it works great for a lot of people, just make sure you're getting your D some other way if you are, like a safe amount of sunshine. 10-15 minutes of sunshine is usually sufficent to get your daily vitamin D. Some foods high in vitamin D include salmon, eggs, milk, fortified cereal. A great way to get you vitamin D naturally is cod liver oil. It's full of Omega 3 fatty acids which can ease psoriasis alone and it's high in vitamin D. It is also high in vitamin A which is crucial for skin and immune health. If the sun irritates your skin or causes your flare ups, as it does in some, it is best to get your vitamin D in supplement form(vitamin D3) or eating plenty of vitamin D rich foods.


Many holistic health experts believe that some people with psoriasis are intolerant or allergic to wheat and or gluten and it is directly the cause. I recently cut out gluten from my diet, even on my cheat days. Believe me I didn't want to, I love my pizza. I noticed a big difference in how I feel. My back pain went away within 3 days. Wheat and gluten causes inflammation if you are sensitive to it. Inflammation causes issues like pain and psoriasis. It's not easy and it takes a lot of dedication and being very particular and careful about what you eat(even soy sauce has wheat). But if you are sensitive to it and cut it out you will feel the difference within a week and feel amazing which is definitely better than eating wheat or gluten and feeling horrible. Your body will not miss it, trust me, and the plus side is it makes you cut out most processed foods. Yes many breads are loaded with fiber but you can get fiber from much healthier sources like fruits, especially berries, and vegetables. The best way to find out if you are sensitive t a particular food is to cut it out for 3 or 4 days, if you feel amazing it's probably a good idea to steer clear of it. If you don't feel any different you probably are not sensitive or intolerant and can continue eating it. Like I said though, gluten and wheat really don't add much nutritional value to your body and really do more harm than good so your body most likely will not miss it. Signs you are gluten sensitive: bloating, fatigue, mental fog, anxiety, and muscle, bone or joint pain. If you are curious about any product or food being gluten free you can type it in on your search engine, there are many trusted gluten free websites with complete lists. You may want to test out eliminating dairy as well, many people who are sensitive to dairy have skin problems like acne and psoriasis. Yes dairy products are rich in the crucial vitamin D but you can get it other natural ways if you are dairy sensitive like mentioned above, a safe amount of 10-15 minutes sunshine daily and cod liver oil is a great natural source as well and a powerful anti-inflammatory.


Zinc has shown to be very beneficial for skin problems including skin infections, acne and psoriasis. I had a client who kept getting a very serious skin infection, cellulitis, she was put on many antibiotics and it kept coming back. Since she has been taking zinc it has not come back since. Zinc also has many other benefits; increased energy, it can ease mental issues like anxiety and depression, strengthen your immune system, decrease hair loss. I take 50mg a day and notice a big difference from it.

Omega 3 fatty acids show major benefits for the skin plus they are anti-inflammatory. Psoriasis is an inflammation related condition. I take 500-1000mg of krill oil a day. I love it. I feel it absorbs better. The fish oil supplements I tried hurt my stomach and were huge and hard to digest. They just didn't work well with my body. I used to have skin more on the dry side. When I started using krill oil it moisturized my skin so well from the inside out amazingly I didn't need lotion anymore. Krill oil is a major staple in my daily routine. Cod liver oil is a great way to get your daily vitamin D, vitamin A and omega 3s all in one. Vitamin A is also crucial for skin health so cod liver oil is a great option.


Epsom salt baths have shown to relieve the itching and burning from psoriasis and can help prevent flare ups by improving your skin condition. I take an epsom salt bath 3 times a week(12-15min). There are many benefits. It makes your skin smooth, draws out toxins, relaxes your muscles and helps you get much needed magnesium absorbed into your body. A plus is it's pretty inexpensive too. You can get epsom salts at CVS, Walgreens, even grocery stores. It's the real deal for the best health and beauty bath, you don't need any fancy expensive bath products. If you have a psoriasis outbreak it is advised to not make the water too hot as it may cause irritation and if you feel dry after the bath use a moisturizer. Some recommended for people with psoriasis are Cetaphil lotion, Nivea cream, Aveeno, Eucerin, Vaseline brand "Advanced Healing". Some people prefer cocoa butter or all natural 100% coconut oil.

Highly concentrated aloe vera gel(70% or greater) has been shown in clinical studies to be more effective than steroid creams.

Probiotics should also be included in your diet since your stomach health has a lot to do with your skin health.

Everyone is unique so it's all about finding what works for you. If you find the root of your problem you can most likely fix it, instead of just covering the symptoms up.

*If anyone has any issues they want to ask me about feel free to contact me.