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My all time favorite supplement

My all time favorite supplement

Nikki Gray


Vitamin C

Most people just turn to vitamin C when they are sick and trying to get better as soon as possible. Well I'm telling you you may benefit tremendously from taking it regularly. Over 30 years ago, Dr. Linus Pauling, a Nobel prize winning scientist was among the first to recognize the importance and benefits of high-dose vitamin C supplementation. High dose vitamin C treatment has shown to enhance cancer survival, prevent and fight infections, reduce heart attack risk, and it has shown to promote longevity. UCLA did a 10 year study with 11,000 men between the ages of 25-74. The results showing the men who took 800 mg of vitamin C lived an average of 6 years longer than the men who took only 60 mg daily. Some doctors or health care professionals who are more traditional and old fashioned in their approach argue taking high doses of vitamin C can be harmful, they say the same about any vitamin for that matter, but there is no scientific evidence of vitamin C having any toxic, harmful or adverse side effects, even at up to 10 grams administered daily. In a study with people receiving mega doses of 10,000 mg and more the only side effects with a few people was a little upset stomach. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin so your body gets rid of what it doesn't need through urination. Alternately there are many proven side effects and health issues of being deficient of vitamin C. The American government's "recommended dietary allowance" for vitamin C is a ridiculously low amount of 75-90 mg, only enough to prevent scurvy. This amount really has no benefits besides scurvy prevention.

 My favorite brand is Ester-C. I think it's superior to other vitamin C supplements because it's non-acidic, a much better choice for people with sensitive stomachs. In my opinion it absorbs better and doesn't create any upset in your stomach. I've been taking it for years now and the way I feel when I take it is night and day to the way I feel when I don't. I honestly feel more happy, energetic, my nasal allergies are completely gone and I rarely get colds or the flu. I had the flu this year from traveling, and I actually didn't have my vitamin C on me, the last time before that was about 4 years ago. That's a big improvement compared to the sickly kid I was growing up where it seemed I had a sinus infection or a cold once a month. I take 4000 mg a day.


Is a powerful immune-boosting antioxidant. 

Vitamin C is anti-aging, it aids in collagen production. Collagen is also important for joint linings, ligaments, and tendons along with skin.

It is crucial for your adrenal and thyroid health. If you have adrenal or thyroid problems it can cause a multitude of serious problems in your body.

Weight loss. New studies show it can help oxidize fat. It also helps with stress levels and preventing your cortisol levels from skyrocketing. High cortisol levels usually lead to belly fat.

Studies show it is beneficial for conditions such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and arthritis.

As a detoxifier it can reduce the side effects of drugs(prescribed and recreational). It also detoxifies the liver.

It reduces the toxicity of heavy metals in the body like mercury for example.

Aids in treatment of inflammatory problems and fighting bacterial, fungal and viral infections

Studies have shown vitamin C to relieve depression in some, high dose amounts of 2000-4000 mg a day

Can help prevent and rid your skin of acne

Anti-viral and anti-cancer


Pollution and environmental toxins


Smoking. Smokers are usually low in vitamin C. Around 50 mg is depleted per cigarette. 

An unhealthy diet, especially one high in sugar

Prescription and recreational drugs

Antibiotics, birth control pills, cortisone and estrogen deplete vitamin C


Alcohol consumption


Health issues such as diabetes, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and allergies.


Vitamin C moves very rapidly through the body so it is advised to take some every 4 hours for optimum benefits. I take 1000 mg of Ester-C 4 times daily. One(1000 mg capsule) in the morning at 8, one around noon, one at 4 pm and one at 8 pm. Some foods high in vitamin C include broccoli, oranges, kale, peppers(red bell, yellow bell, hot chili, green bell), guava, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, kiwi, papaya, grapefruit, pineapple, cauliflower, tangerines, lemon and lime juice, tomatoes, kidney beans, beet greens, blackberries, mango, honeydew melon, cabbage, green peas, turnip greens, squash, and dandelion greens.

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