Mercury in retrograde

Mercury in retrograde

Nikki Gray


Mercury in retrograde

It is here people; June 7th-July 1st of 2014 Mercury is in retrograde. That may not mean anything to some but it should. It is said Mercury rules your intelligence, memory, mind, and communication. If you're feeling a little frazzled right now or in the next week or so, don't be surprised. 

Now is a great time to restore and rejuvenate yourself. It is absolutely the worst time to be eating bad food, not exercising, not doing any stress relieving activities. Since many people feel strange around this time and emotional and maybe a little crazy :p it makes you want to eat bad or over indulge in alcohol etc.

You may see people letting the energy get to them, acting a little crazy, driving crazy(take extra care to drive safe around this time), just laugh it off because it's all Mercury's fault, right?;)

How to work it to your advantage

Eat Healthy- Many people's metabolism runs a little sluggish with the season changing into summer. Now is a perfect time to cut out or avoid for a couple weeks at least, sugar and gluten. I'm gluten free and I love to eat, I was scared, even a little depressed that there would be barely anything I could eat. In reality theres actually tons of yummy stuff out there that's gluten free. I don't do the gluten free products, I think most of them are unhealthy, especially the ones made from corn or potato starch. I just avoid bread and processed snacks altogether. What better treat when it's hot out than fruit? Fish, nuts, white or brown rice, quinoa. The perfect diet for the next three weeks is very low carb. Ditch the sugar and bread. At least until the first. Your body will feel amazing. Frozen yogurt with no added sugar is a great dessert option. If you need a topping go with chopped almonds or fruit. 

Exercise- You better be getting your booty in the gym this month. Not only will your body benefit from it but it will keep you sane. 3-4 times a week, it's not an option this month, it's a must.

De-stress everyday- Do something everyday that relaxes you this month. Epsom salt baths, steaming, saunas are all excellent detoxifying ways to relieve stress. Surfing, swimming in the ocean if you live close by, now is a good time to go at it. Yoga is of course my favorite. You not only get your exercise in but also stretching and meditation. After I leave a yoga class my mind always feels completely cleansed and fresh. Get a massage, bubble bath with candles, whatever does it for you. Now is the time to pamper yourself.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep- I know a few people that have been sleeping odd lately with the season change and now Mercury. Almost everyone I talked to slept horrible the first night of the retrograde. Don't let it stress you more, just try to relax and know it's normal. Drink plenty of water, the more the better. The less caffeine the better. It not only messes up your sleep because it hypes you up but it also dehydrates you. Dehydration is a major sleep sabotage. The biggest in my opinion. Magnesium, melatonin, 5-HTP, passion flower extract are all great natural sleep aids and are all anti-stress as well.

Get organized- I take every Sunday to get all my vitamins and everything together for the week. I actually enjoy it. If you don't take one day a week to put you vitamins aside in little ziplock bags to throw in your purse, chances are you're going to get frazzled and be running late and forget them one day. Then one day will turn into a week. It seems to work out best for most people to choose one day a week to get it all together that way you don't have added stress everyday. It's already done. Also this month is a great time to organize anything you've been meaning to do, closets, cars, etc. It will make you feel good, trust me.

Back up everything on your computer, phone etc. - Mercury retrogrades are known for technology issues. Internet, phone's breaking, computers crashing. Make sure you have everything backed up now. Also if your internet or cable is acting a little wacky then forget it. Read a book you've been wanting to read for awhile or watch a movie, visit with your family. Take your parents, kids, siblings to do something you've been wanting to do but putting off.

Don't sweat the small stuff and laugh it off- We all have to deal with rude people when we're out and about sometimes. Just think of the season change and mercury and laugh/smile to yourself. The more you get upset at people acting rude or out of line, the worse it is for your well being. Brush it off.

Write down 5 things you are grateful for everyday- You may be feeling a little blah and emotional at this point but while everything is going wrong don't forget about what is right. Everyone has major issues going on right now, financial, personal, relationships, family problems, family members getting sick etc.  Most of us have a tendency to do it everyday; think to ourselves okay what needs to be done, what needs to be fixed? Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, that's how you get issues and problems taken care of, but sometimes you are so busy dealing with problems you forget about what isn't broken and needs no fixing at all. Don't forget to remember what isn't broken. Remember no matter how bad it seems sometimes there's always somebody that has it much worse off and would kill to be in your position. 

Get some alone time to do what you enjoy- Whether it's writing, painting, watching movies, give yourself some time. When you feel frazzled, nerves on edge, it's time to take a little me break. Don't push yourself until the breaking point. Do something for yourself that you've been putting to the side, now is a good time to treat yourself.

Turn that music up- I know for me music is very therapeutic. I always crank it up when I'm driving and get lost in it, totally oblivious to the crazy traffic around me. At home, music videos or just put your headphones on. Now is a good time to make some CDs of songs you love or make same new playlists on your iPhone or iPod.

So, instead of feeling frazzled and mentally drained when July 1st comes around, make it a point to take extra care of yourself. That way you'll be one step ahead and hopefully better than ever. STAY STRONG and bring on July 1st!!!! Whohooo :) 

Nikki Gray CNC