Just say NO to razor burn

Just say NO to razor burn

Nikki Gray


photo: Nikki Gray shot by Kimberly Metz

Razor burn:

As the weather is getting warmer I wanted to share with you the absolute best product I've tried for razor burn. It really blows everything else away. It's called Tend Skin. It's in a blue bottle. You can order it online and some CVS stores carry it. I used to get razor burn occasionally and know how frustrating it can be. If you use this stuff chances are you will be totally free of razor burn, just in time for summer. My sister also advised me yesterday there is a new razor out, she found at Kmart, that is amazing and causes no razor burn. It is a 6 blade razor called "Smart Sense". It's actually "for men" but works great for women's bikini line area. 

Have a great razor burn free spring and summer ;) XOX

Nikki Gray CNC