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Just Say No to Non-Fat

Just Say No to Non-Fat

Nikki Gray


I would just like to start out by saying you should absolutely always choose organic dairy. Any dairy that is not organic is full of hormones and chemicals that can majorly mess up your system. Also organic milk companies treat cows humanly. Non-organic sadly does not and those cows are sometimes living tortured lives. For you and your families health; always go with organic.

You say fat like it's a bad thing!

Many people for many years have been led to believe that fat is bad, which if overdone it can be, but our bodies need fat to operate optimally. In fact our brains are made up of 60% fat. Fat is good for our brains, a good example is Omega 3 fatty acids(krill oil, fish oil). Fat keeps our skin supple and our hair silky. In actuality you need to learn to love fat and get plenty of good fats in your diet especially from healthy foods such as fish and avocados.

Whole organic milk is actually good for you. It contains plenty of calcium which helps keep you trim and is packed with protein. How can whole fat milk be better for your waist line than non-fat you ask? Well for one; sugar. Removing fat from dairy requires adding carbohydrate based fat replacers to make up for lost taste and texture. They have to add sugar to make the taste acceptable. Be wary of non-fat products, they are usually the least healthy and non-fat almost always means added sugar. Non-fat milk actually used to be thrown away, it was literally trash, until the low fat diet fads started in the 80's. The milk companies were thrilled with this. What was once their trash turned into a gold mine. But they didn't just sell the whole milk stripped of all the fat, they had to add a few special ingredients like powdered milk solids which is made with oxidized cholesterol, a carcinogen. Not only that, non- fat dairy products are linked to infertility and without the fat in whole milk your body does not properly absorb the vitamins like D and K you get from full fat. So years after all this low-fat diet hype, saturated fat has been proven to not be the main culprit for heart disease; refined sugar, processed vegetable oils and refined grains have. I've always been a big advocate of a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. I like it because everyone I've put on this plan loses weight quickly, has tons of energy and their skin looks younger and vibrant. There's one thing I always tell people to stay away from, no matter what their diet preference is and that's sugar. Of course you can have the occasional cheat meal once a week or so but nothing and I mean nothing will put on the pounds and age you quicker than sugar. Even 2% milk is unfortunately high in sugar with one cup containing as much sugar as a cookie.

So next time you grab some milk now you know; go whole or go home!

Nikki Gray CNC