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In a funk? Try tyrosine!

In a funk? Try tyrosine!

Nikki Gray


My love affair with tyrosine

I was put on prednisone for three months last summer and it wreaked havoc on my health. I had to quit taking it although I was told if I wanted to feel well I would need to continue. In actuality prednisone made me much, much worse and I knew I had to get off of it even though it would not be an easy road. I literally was doing everything I could to feel better naturally after ditching the meds. Eating right, exercising, staying positive, I just kept at it but with no relief. I had zero energy, I couldn't think straight, I was like a zombie. This went on for months. I finally came across an article about how tyrosine has had major success with depression and increasing energy. How? Tyrosine helps regulate your thyroid and adrenal hormones, restores norepinephrine levels and it also, very importantly, increases dopamine production. I felt better immediately, within 30 minutes of taking the 1000mg dose, which is surprising because most supplements take at least a few days or weeks to feel the results. I felt like my old self again, finally!! The main reason I love tyrosine is the very unique way it makes me feel and I have yet to find anything else quite like it. I can't take any "energy" supplements. Anything I would ever take in the past for energy would always make me feel shaky and irritable. The amazing thing I noticed about tyrosine is that it gives you energy, but a calm energy. Your body and mind are energized and revived but at the same time calm and focused. You're cool, calm, alert and energized on it. Perfect combination! 

adrenal fatigue symptoms

Tyrosine has had very positive results in people with adrenal fatigue, even when nothing else would work. I honestly think at least 50% of people suffer from some form of adrenal fatigue. Here are some of the symptoms:

Dark circles under the eyes, crying fits, joint and muscle pain similar to the flu, dizziness, low back pain, inability to handle stress(some say a nervous breakdown is actually an adrenal breakdown), extremely tired even after a sufficient amount of sleep, irritable, increased energy in the evenings, late-night snack cravings, cravings for salty foods, intense PMS, recurring infections, lowered immune function, lowered sex drive, numbness in your hands or feet(poor circulation), weight gain especially around your waistline, bloating, you become dehydrated easily, dry skin, tension, nervousness.

Some factors that lead to adrenal fatigue include: high stress situations, major life changes including breakups/divorces, death of a loved one, surgeries, smoking, stimulant drug use(cocaine, adderall etc.), regular caffeine consumption, a diet high in refined sugar, not getting enough sleep/rest. 

tyrosine is a must if...

You just quit smoking

You recently had a surgery

You suffered a traumatic experience(death of a loved one, car accident etc.)

You are getting off of drugs such as cocaine, adderall, diet pills etc.(uppers)

You're giving up caffeine(caffeine actually hurts your adrenal function, that's why 
I cut it out along with the dehydration factor)

Starting a low/sugar diet or cutting out refined sugar completely(this is to cushion the crash) 

If you drink caffeine, alcohol, or eat refined sugar, tyrosine helps protect your thyroid and adrenal glands against such things

Have a high stress life or career

Suffer from low energy, depression and or anxiety

You are getting off of anti-anxiety or depression medication since it elevates mood and helps your brain produce dopamine. It should be noted if you are taking anti depressants that elevate dopamine levels synthetically you should check with your doctor before taking tyrosine.

other benefits

Relieves stress

Effective in helping withdrawal from cigarettes, caffeine and even cocaine 

Improved alertness and focus

Eases PMS

Can increase weight loss

What is tyrosine? Is it in food? can you just eat it?

Tyrosine, or L-Tyrosine, is an amino acid. Tyrosine is essential for the body to manufacture hormones/neurotransmitters dopamine, dihydroxyphenyalanine (DOPA), norepinephrine, and epinephrine. It also helps regulate and support your thyroid and adrenal function naturally. Tyrosine is in foods such as chicken but to get the desired effects you need a much higher dose. There are nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids where you can get the needed amount from food, L-Tyrosine is not one of them.


I recommend 1000 mg first thing in the morning. Tyrosine is best taken on an empty stomach and it's also best to wait 30 minutes before eating. 

recommended brand

I just finished my yoga teacher training program. I was around some wonderful people that I got to know pretty well and I can always spot when someone is in need of tyrosine. It was great to see them feel revived and energized almost immediately after taking it. The consensus was, after a few women went and bought different brands, that the brand I had was the best/most potent. I take Folger L-tyrosine, it's in a brown glass bottle. I get it at Vitamin Shoppe but you can also order it online of course. Another brand that I use and think is just as good is Thorne. 

Nikki Gray CNC