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French women and their beauty secrets

French women and their beauty secrets

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Brigitte Bardot

the beauty of france

Some of the greatest beauties hail from France. Laetitia Casta, Catherine Denevue and of course the one and only; Brigitte Bardot. I was very inspired by how carefree the Parisian women were about life in general. They like to enjoy and live it to the fullest. Here are some tips from/about these 3 iconic french beauties.

Laetitia Casta 

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The Corsican model/actress (and face of the new Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme fragrance) shares her tips for curing puffy eyes, creating the perfect matte finish for any red lipstick, and why a “French attitude” is the key to looking good.

“Lately, I take more risks about fashion or makeup, or things like that. I like sometimes to look kind of rock and roll… a bit? I’ve always been like that, but sometimes people saw me differently. Now, it’s changing because my personality is coming out. I always felt ‘rock,’ but it takes time before one can project that…it’s funny. Before, I was more passive about things around me. People would see me in a certain way and I used to do what they’d like, but today, I have opinions about things and I say, ‘No, actually I love that, or that, or I want to be like that.

For beauty, you can put anything on, but if you’re not feeling good inside, it’s quite complicated. When I wake up in the morning, I take a glass of cold water with lemon and drink it. I feel like it cleans everything inside myself. And then sometimes when I have puffy eyes, I take ice and put some rose lotion and a cotton pad all together, and put it on my eyes in the morning. It helps. I feel like, Ahhhh, wake up! Then I put on cream—you know, something from the pharmacy. It could be anything, something really simple. On my eyes, I would put Dr. Hauschka…but the good thing is to put it in the fridge, actually. It’s fresh. And I like the idea to have cream in my fridge! [Laughs] I don’t use anti-aging products because I cannot stop age, I don’t think. [Laughs] I could put more, but I’m not sure if it works. For now, it’s okay. I love Linda Rodin’s oils—I love the smell of it. I prefer strong, sexy smells, likeDolce&Gabbana Pour Femme. It’s very sensual, with the neroli and jasmine, and it’s something you can put on every day that sort of lives with you.

During the day, I like to put mascara and lipstick on, maybe a little bit of shape—shading. I have a product for when the lips get dry…it’s papaya; Lucas Papaw Ointment. It’s in a red tube, really good. It’s not expensive. I love to use that product, but I can put it here too, on the eye. It can be a nice eye shadow, especially here, on the inner corner, to create light around the eye. I’ll use any mascara—nothing specific, but I don’t like when it makes clumps. I like when it’s really subtle. One thing that I like to do is put brown pencil on my eyebrow. I think it makes your eye open up, so it’s what I do when I have to go out.

At night, I love black shadow on the eyes. I like to use my fingers, but I also like to make it a bit like a cat eye with powder. It’s nice because your eye is more like an almond. I do top and bottom. What I don’t like is when you can see the line so much—I don’t like when it creases with time. You have to put something dry; I think it’s better. You know what I love is eyelashes—fake ones. I don’t put them on myself, but when I have to go to something, I love when they put them on me. Even with no other makeup, it’s something I love. One by one, individually, it’s perfect. I’ve tried to apply them myself, but it was a nightmare. [Laughs]

A trick that I love for applying a red lip is you start with a pencil, and you put on your red lipstick, and then, you take a tissue and peel apart the two layers—you know how in one tissue there’s usually two layers? You take only one layer and you lay it over your red lip, and then you dust loose powder through the tissue over the lipstick. It gives a nice matte finish—it’s perfect. It’s really nice because to have the perfect matte lipstick…you will never find it. So, you can make your own and you can have any matte you want!

I like Christophe Robin hair products. If I have to do a character for a movie, he colors my hair. He’s the best. For the Bardot movie [Serge Gainsbourg, Vie Héroïque], he was the one who did the ‘Bardot blond.’ He’s really good with blond—he did the perfect one that I wanted. You know like the hair on a child? When they’re blond, but the sun did it? He did it in two days, actually. But I feel better as a brunette. I liked being blond for a moment, but you need too much to take care of it and you have to be more sophisticated when you’re blond, in everything—makeup and everything. Suddenly, you put on a bit of makeup, and everything comes out. It’s so weird, and when you don’t have makeup on…it’s flat. So, I prefer brunette. My natural color is brunette…Actually I just saw one white hair! [Laughs]

For facials, I like to go to Joëlle Ciocco in Paris. I’ll do a facial or a massage. It’s fantastic. But you have to do it with Lubna. She’s great. And I drink a lot of water—I find it helps for eliminating toxins and when I don’t drink, my lips are more dry. We’re all 90% water and the more time passes, the more water goes away. I’m also doing sport. I go swimming. When I’m swimming, actually, I put some oil in my hair. The one that I put is from Christophe Robin—it’s lavender. It’s really good and I put oil on the body because the swimming is bad for your skin. I put it on before I go in the water.

I have Homeoplasmine for the lips—I use that also. I like to keep my lips very moisturized. It’s always important when you have big lips. I don’t do so much, actually. When you have too much makeup on, I don’t think it’s nice. It’s not so sexy. It’s when your personality comes out, that’s what I like. Lips with a bit of eyes, it’s perfect. It’s a very French attitude; it’s about security about yourself. You know what I mean? Like, to be sure about yourself.”

Laetitia Casta(below)

Catherine deneuve


Catherine Deneuve has been known as one of France's most beautiful, elegant actresses ever since she made her screen debut in 1956's Les Collegiennes. Decades later, the 70-year-old's career isn't slowing down, with her newest film On My Way hitting theaters this Friday.

Deneuve's an older woman, now, yes—and an outrageous minority in Hollywood because of it— but all that superficial stuff isn't much of a concern for her, as she just told Reuters.

"What is your secret to aging with grace?" Deneuve was asked when the conversation about her new film inevitably turned to her age. To that, she simply replied "You have to try not to fight so hard against time, you know. It's not that I enjoy it. It is just not that much of a problem."

What a refreshing outlook that is, right?

The interviewer then followed up with"You recently did a photo shoot with the model Kate Moss, which is quite brave because she is younger. How do you feel so confident that you can do something like that?"

"It's not that I feel confident," Deneuve replied, not letting them put words into her mouth. She then revealed that the whole thing was really quite casual: She met Moss while they were both visiting Japan, and just agreed to the do the photo shoot, because, like, whatever. And she didn't worry about how she stacked up next to the iconic Brit.

"It was not like a drill or a contest. It was just doing something nice. There is no competition," Deneuve asserted.

Of course, it's probably precisely that sure-footedness that makes Deneuve so gorgeous from the inside out—chasing away the crow's feet, maybe, but more importantly, giving her the look of a woman who just owns it.

Catherine Denevue(below)


brigitte bardot

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Today’s guest post is from regular reader Brigitte, who combines her love for and knowledge of renowned actress Brigitte Bardot with her personal studies of deliberate creation. Here’s what our Brigitte found about Bardot’s approach to life:

The 50′s and 60′s French actress Brigitte Bardot was admired by her beauty, but her personality has remained unknown. I’ve been reading about her for years to find her ‘keys to success.’

What I’ve found is a beautiful woman who created herself completely and attracted the life of her dreams, day by day! I’m currently writing a book on it, but here’s a ‘teaser’ on the keys to a successful and happy, totally Law of Attraction friendly legend of Brigitte Bardot (BB)!

1. Amuse yourself with anything, even the quotidian stuff; get amazed daily.

Brigitte Bardot was amused with the little things: anything that glitters or makes funny noises, feathers, crystals, bedroom slippers (really), someone’s foreign accent, her bed when she just made it, words that sound ‘round’ like ‘youpala’ (French for baby walker)…

2. Don’t do anything if it doesn’t feel good. Get over it quickly.

BB never did anything unless she wanted to. When something was completely unbearable, she didn’t just ‘suffer it silently.’ She walked away or refused altogether. After the storm had passed, she forgot everything about it and got happy as normal.

3. Use everything that you find pretty. Dress yourself with what you like, cast aside the trends you dislike.

She ignored the trends. Completely. What she didn’t ignore was her tastes, her favorite colors, anything that caught her eye. The clothes she wore were not in fashion at that time. Same goes for her house decore: she used shells, keys and pastel colors way before others found it ‘fashionable.’ She simply didn’t watch what everyone was doing.

4. Talk with no shame. Say what you are here to say. Tell the stories your way.

Her speech was always nice and polite, but when she found herself being laughed at or threatened in any way, she just spoke her mind. Her way to tell stories was very personal, making everything sound funnier and cuter than it was perceived by the ones who lived it. And, if asked, she always replied with her honest opinion, and let everyone know what she was feeling at that moment.

5. Laugh and smile as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if your giggles sound stupid, if your teeth are not perfect or if nobody is laughing but you.

Because she was constantly amused, she laughed and smiled a lot. When she was a child, she had buck teeth and had to wear braces. When the buck teeth were corrected, she had a gap between her front teeth. She smiled widely and laughed anyway. Sure, her smile is considered today one of the most beautiful … but was it a cute smile, or her way to smile shamelessly that makes us think it is beautiful? The truth is that in most of her photos (even today at 75 years of age) she’s smiling. Her giggles are famous.

6. Find something that you can do perfectly and with little or no effort. Do your thing as often as possible, and use those satisfying moments to create your personality and decide who you want to be.

For Brigitte Bardot, that was ballet. While she was doing her barre exercises as a child, she thought how she wanted to be when she grew up. She spent as much time as she could dancing. The joyful piano melody helped her to get determined: she wanted a life of fun and tenderness.

7. Be naïve. Don’t believe nor doubt everything they say. Concerning your projects, never second-guess yourself.

She believed all the stories they told her, although she’s always had a good intuition which told her when someone was for real or not. But when she decided to start a new project, she never let there be a doubt. She always believed that everything was going to turn out right.

8. Discover. People, objects, words, situations. Read and try to learn more.

Again, she was always amused. And that was because she was always on the look for things to discover. She liked traveling and meeting new people, even if a person was not too nice. She enjoyed reading, not only novels but political essays too! (Right-winged and left-winged.) She just wanted to know what there was out there.

9. Imagine the stuff you like (kissing your lover, winning the first prize, starring in a movie, waking up refreshed). Then behave like these things have already happened.

She spent her free time imagining. Not worrying. She liked to think about what she’d do if she was somewhere else, doing something else. She loved to see herself having a good time, and by visualizing this she was on a good mood for the rest of the day (as if it really happened).

10. Take care of your family. Avoid hot wars. It is okay to feel your emotions, but hold no grudge. Defend yourself, but don’t fight against anyone. If someone treats you truly right, be very affectionate.

She loved her family, but it was too rigid for her sometimes. Of course, there were things in her family that she completely disliked (especially when they threatened her idea of freedom) but she avoided situations of hate or anger. While she could get along with them, she spent her time comfortably, but if she couldn’t, she just kept away to avoid screams or violence, which she detested.

11. Look for tenderness in everything and everyone.

In her words, “I was, I am and I will always be wanting tenderness.” Look for the softest and nicest in others, and expect nothing but being treated tenderly.

12. Seek what you like in others and recreate it in yourself, physically and non-physically speaking.

Brigitte Bardot was naturally brunette. During her childhood, she always found the blondes very beautiful (she dyed her hair blonde and her tress became her signature). She also admired the cooks. Her mother didn’t know how to cook, so she learned herself and because very successful at it. Why live sighing and wishing you were born different? Create yourself. Completely. Out of what you have, sculpt ‘the best you’ you can imagine.

13. Believe that you can earn money whenever you want. Money and good job offers are your choice, not anyone else’s.

Finding a role in a movie was never a concern for her. She trusted. When she wanted to work, the opportunity arose. She considered herself rich when she was 20 years old.

14. Be stubborn about your talent and probability of success.

That was key. She succeed against all odds. She believed in herself first, then everyone else did.

Thank you, Brigitte, for this brilliant guest post! (Brigitte is a 21 year old University student using the law of attraction to create the life of her dreams, and long time favorite of the Good Vibe community.)