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Benefits of exercise

Benefits of exercise

Nikki Gray



Most people know that exercise helps you lose weight and keep it off. It keeps you looking toned, fit and boosts your energy levels. The reason why many people do exercise is it makes you "hot" on the outside. But there are many brain benefits and a happy, well-balanced, positive person is also "hot" and it definitely shines through. Health-wise exercise also decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and can prevent a wide range of problems including arthritis, some cancers, and even stroke.


Eases anxiety and insomnia. 

Exercise actually fights infections, the flu and the common cold. Hitting the gym can greatly improve your immune system.

Studies have shown it can improve creativity levels, improve mood and boost your confidence. It also can improve your focus and efficiency. People that work out achieve more daily than people that don't.

It improves your memory and learning skills. According to a recent study vigorous exercise can prevent Alzheimer's.

Regular physical activity can help slow down the aging process, even prevent wrinkles.

Exercise increases circulation. In some cases it can actually fight acne. Regular exercise has even made acne disappear in some. Increased circulation allows more nutrients to get to your skin and helps rid it of toxins. It also fights cellulite in the same way. 

It wards off depression. Studies have shown it to be more effective than anti-depressants, and that's without the harmful side effects.

Exercise can ease withdrawal symptoms. Whether it's having to wean yourself off of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds(Xanex, Valium), alcohol, or quitting smoking.

It improves digestion.

Can help treat erectile dysfunction and promotes a healthy libido in women and men.

Exercise can regulate hormonal imbalances and ease PMS symptoms including mood swings, bloating and fatigue.

It is a very effective way to de-stress. This is very important considering we all have stress in our lives. Dealing with it in a healthy manner like exercising is a much better choice to relieve stress than alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes which will actually add more stress to your life including health problems. Alcohol and cigarettes also deplete your stress fighting B vitamins so you will end up feeling even worse. It's a vicious cycle. So when you're stressed don't grab a drink or a smoke, get to the gym or go for a run or hike. You'll feel so much better after. And you'll have no guilt or hangover to deal with, just pride you are doing the right thing and taking care of your body. Argument with a friend or boyfriend or girl friend? Hit the gym. Bad day at work? Hit the gym. Feeling down? Hit the gym. Just do it!! You will be glad you did. 

Last but not least. It makes you HOT! When you look your best you feel your best and are usually much happier than when you don't take care of yourself. Take care of your body and your brain, you have to live with it. 

A couple considerations:

Even 25 minutes of a raised heart rate has shown major benefits looks wise and health. If you want  to start with 20 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and build up to 45 minutes or an hour, that's great. Weight training is the #1 anti aging workout surprisingly. It causes your body to produce human growth hormone. I do yoga once or twice a week and cardio 3 days a week. I love yoga because it also improves your flexibility and posture, which in my opinion are very important to health and good posture is very attractive. 

If you have psoriasis it is recommended to moisturize before working out since sweating can irritate and bring on an outbreak. Also workouts in high heat environments are not recommended for psoriasis sufferers. Anything cooling is a better choice, cardio in an air-conditioned gym and swimming. Just make sure to moisturize right after a swim.

Make exercise fun. It should not be something you dread. If you hate being on the treadmill take a yoga or dance class, go hiking, whatever floats your boat.

A good idea for socializing is instead of having lunch or dinner with your friends, plan an activity that will get your blood pumping and the endorphins flowing and will help improve your body. It can be a much better choice than sitting around eating and drinking. Go hiking, go bowling, go rollerblading or biking. There's so many choices out there, get your exercise in and socialize with your friends, kill two birds with one stone. That's definitely a plus since most are all crunched for time. No matter what you have to make time for exercise. You will live better and be more efficient along with the health and beauty benefits.

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